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Electronic Medical Record and Audit Trail

Megan Shore-Toca offers consulting to attorneys regarding electronic medical records (EMR) and audit trails, specifically Point Click Care, ProTouch, Epic, and Cerner. She has successfully battled motions to compel audit trails and allow EMR inspections without fail. Megan provides more than just an EMR and audit trail review. As part of the flat fee rate package, Megan offers written discovery and motion templates, deposition preparation utilizing the data including 30(b)(6) depositions, and unlimited consultation on your case.


Understanding the electronic medical records’ system through the eyes of the healthcare provider is an important and often overlooked aspect of a case. What doctors and nurses see on a computer is incredibly different than a printed medical chart – you can obtain a plethora of valuable information beyond the medical chart including electronic messages, trend reports, shift reports, alerts, automatically populated protocols and orders, physician productivity, patient census, staffing, and quality assurance measures. More importantly, obtaining a complete audit trail and understanding how to decipher its contents will take your case to the next level by allowing you to paint a minute-by-minute picture of what was viewed, by whom, when it was viewed, and if they later changed the contents of the patient’s medical chart. As personal injury lawyers we of course need to know the law and the medicine – but don’t forget to understand the facility’s electronic medical record platform and its audit trail before walking into a deposition.


Megan has presented and published articles regarding EMRs including the following:

  • Be Audit You Can Be, 2022 LNC Success Conference (coming soon!)

  • The American Association for Justice's Nursing Home Litigation Group's Webinar Series, Spring 2022

  • Understanding Electronic Medical Records and Audit Trails - 2 Part Series, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants Conference, West Virginia, 2022

  • A New Nursing Home Playbook: Discovery What the Long-Term Care Industry Hides in Its Electronic Medical, Financial, and Staffing Information, The American Association for Justice, Nursing Home Litigation Group, Spring 2021 Seminar

  • Understanding Electronic Medical Records, The American Association for Justice, Spring 2020 Seminar

  • Understanding the Leading Nursing Home EMR System, The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Journal, Winter 2020 Issue


Megan has presented with nationally renowned EMR and audit trail experts including Nursine S. Jackson, MSN, RN.

“Megan Shore is an amazing resource. She is so ahead of the game on electronic medical records. She was so generous with her knowledge and so far beyond anyone I know in getting discovery and figuring it out. Her knowledge is stunning. You all need to get to know her.” – Nursine S. Jackson, MSN, RN – Legal Nurse Consultant

"Worth every cent.  I hired Megan to assist me with a particularly suspicious EMR and audit trail in a medical negligence case.  The paper, photocopied, medical records produced by defense—purporting to be the entire medical record- and the PDF audit trail, were NOT what I had asked for in discovery as far as content and format. Megan reviewed the cumbersome PDF audit trail and ferreted out information I would not have known to even look for and confirmed many of my hunches on suspicious chart entries.  Her knowledge of the law in electronic discovery and the ins-and-outs of computer software and how EMRs work, was broad and hugely enlightening.  She then drafted a roadmap for me to get the proper discovery out of defense. The result was the defense being totally out of their depth and element and me gaining the information I needed to drive the case forward.  In short, Megan made me look like a genius on EMRs and audit trails—and I learned a lot about EMR and audit trail discovery. I will absolutely consult with her on future cases." - Laura Kalur, Esq.

Contact Megan Shore-Toca at 312-668-7893 for a free initial consult and pricing.


Nursing Homes

Megan Shore-Toca provides flat fee and hourly rate options for nursing home case consulting from the medicine to the systemics of the facility including the following:

  • Staffing levels including hours per patient per day

  • Minimum Data Set Auditing

  • Medicare and Medicaid Billing and Fraud

  • Electronic Medical Record Systems and Audit Trails

  • Cost Reports Analysis

  • COVID-19 prevention and fighting Motions to Dismiss pursuant to state and federal immunity laws

  • State and Federal regulations

  • Discovery

  • Limited Discovery and Responses to Motions to Compel Arbitration

Contact Megan Shore-Toca at 312-668-7893 for a free initial consult and pricing.

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